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Our Barongs:

Our barongs are handmade, customized and tailored to meet the needs of your wedding or formal occasion. All of our garments are made from the very best fabric, threads and buttons.

Quality is Everything:

High Quality Wedding Barong

Our barongs are made from various fabrics including the finest quality of organza, gusot mayaman, hugo boss, jusi, jusilyn, piña jusi, cocoon, piña cocoon, piña silk, and more. Even more, our fabrics come from the very best wholesalers who get their supplies from various parts of the Philippines and China.


Size Matters:

Wedding Barong Size Chart

We stick to the strictest standards of measuring to ensure that your wedding barong fits you just right.

We Work Fast:

Our designers and sewers work very fast, and we guarantee to finish your order by the deadline agreed upon. We also offer fast shipping to any part of the Philippines and other parts of the world.

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Filipino groom wearing wedding barong


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